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People - Pillars for Success By Anwar Saeed
National Sales Manager
We live in an age of the knowledge worker, where intellectual capital is supreme, as Stuart Crainer in his book The management Century, writes, “The Information age places a premium on intelligent work; there is growing realization that recruiting, retaining and nurturing talented people are crucial to competitiveness”.

The new economy is based primarily on knowledge work. That means that wealth has migrated from money and things to people ---both intellectual and social capital. In fact, our greatest financial investment is in knowledge worker.

According to Peter Drucker “from now on, the key is knowledge. The world is not becoming labor intensive, not materials intensive, not energy intensive, but knowledge intensive.”

Leadership is today hottest topic. The new economy is based on knowledge work, and knowledge work is another word for people.

Quality knowledge work is so valuable that unleashing its potential offers organizations an extraordinary opportunity for value creation. Knowledge work leverages all of other investments that an organization has already made. In fact, knowledge workers are the link to all other organizational investments. They provide focus, creativity and leverage in utilizing those investments to better achieve the organization’s objectives. Intellectual and social capitals are key to leveraging and optimizing all other investments.

In Ray Pharma our prime focus is not only to attract knowledge worker, but to provide him/her environment which nurture his/her abilities and skills and enable him/her to out perform competitors in market place.

Generally organizations try to satisfy extrinsic needs of this knowledge worker, badly ignoring intrinsic ones. Here in Ray Pharma we are quite considerate for both, as we understand that a knowledge worker is a whole sum of body, mind, heart and Soul, and we are taking care of his both needs, by paying him/her fairly, treating him/her respectfully and by using his/her mind creatively in doing work that adds value and all this will be done in principle centered way.  As delivering superior performance while building the capability to do it again and again is the definition of great organization.

As sustained superior performance is a function of two things; what is produced and the capacity to produce. If organization focuses on producing (achieving results today) and neglect people, they will soon be without the asset (people) and on the other hand if organization only takes care of the people with no focus on results, they will be in big problem. The key lies in the balance.

At Ray Pharma our focus is on effective execution. A team that can perform consistently years after years is a winning team. This is essence of Ray Pharma approach, translating organizational capabilities into specific results again and again
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