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Quality is our Identity By Tamim Ahmed - Factory Manager
Ray Pharma’s manufacturing facility is situated at SITE Extension Area of Karachi. Plant was acquired from a multinational company by Rahimtoola Group of Companies in January, 2007. Extensive renovation work was undertaken by the Group management in line with the international standards and requirements of Ministry of Health.

The main focus of Ray Pharma is on the quality of the products manufactured by them. Right from the procurement of the raw material to all stages of manufacturing, packaging, storage & transportation, strict quality control measures are taken to ensure quality, as per the prescribed standards. A team of highly qualified persons and a well equipped laboratory ensures the implementation of all quality standards. A comprehensive plan of calibration and validation is also in place for ensuring strict adherence to operational & process qualification.

The plant spreads over an area of 65334 Sq. ft. The covered area of the plant is 21000 Sq. ft. The entire facility is environmentally controlled and equipped with European machinery and instruments for ensuring meeting of international standards of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) for the manufacturing of tablets, capsules and liquid injectables. The plant is laid out to facilitate efficient processing, material handling and personnel movement. In accordance with GMP standards all personnel entries are maintained through a change regime. In addition the material entry into manufacturing areas is through air locks and each production area is flush through air changes per hour. This is to avoid cross contamination. The sterile production facility is also upgraded & classified as class 100. Powerful dust extraction and pressure differential systems are also installed to prevent cross contamination.

There are separate facilities for physical, chemical and microbiological testing with modern equipment as dissolution apparatus: HPLC, IR and UV Spectrophotometer. The microbiology laboratory is also fully equipped to cater to the monitoring requirement of sterile area. The laboratory has been set up according to the specifications of BP, USP and European Pharmacopoeia and also equally stringent in-house specifications.

 The Plant is equipped with
  1. Dedicated HVAC System for Sterile, Tablet & Capsule area.
  2. Oil Free Compressed Air-Pharma Clean
  3. Sampling & Dispensing Booths (Class 100 Conditions) for sampling & dispensing of the raw materials.
  4. Round the clock HVAC for Warehouses, Material Quarantine and Clean Rooms
The building specification is as per CGMP guidelines
  1. Doors Meeting the Pharma Requirement i.e. flushed and epoxy coated.
  2. Use of Glass For Visibility
  3. Epoxy coated Floors to Suit the Requirements 
  4. Technical Floors to House Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System 
  5. To maintain the dust free environment Low Pickups in All Classified Areas
To ensure best quality, Ray Pharma manufacturing facilities are designed and built to meet all major international standards and regulations like Current Good Manufacturing Practices. In connection with good quality manufacturing facilities we also have the latest equipment in our production and quality control department.

Skilled and professional human resource and advanced manufacturing processes are employed to ensure that the finished drugs should be produced in accordance with GMP.

At Ray Pharma, quality is understood as "achieving agreed customer expectations or specifications." In other words the customer defines the quality criteria needed in the product. To meet this standard Ray Pharma has in place a high standard of quality control systems to ensure that the product meets the highest criteria. We are also aware that to sustain quality one needs to be vigilant of and implement the latest and most recent   quality assurance procedures. Ray Pharma stays abreast of all the new developments in the field that may allow it to maximize the benefit it brings to its customers. This constant strive for pushing its standards higher and working  for excellence in quality both  through orientation with research and  theory as well a  reflective, and reflexive process of its internal procedures is the hall mark of Ray Pharma.

We also have a strong commitment in following international specifications concerning the quality of pharmaceutical preparations. High standards and GMP guidelines are strictly followed at all stages of pharmaceutical production, from receipt of raw materials to release of finished products.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we are equally committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employs. This is clearly reflected in our environmentally sensitive procedures and our health and safety regulations.

Hence Ray Pharma is truly wedded to the concept of quality and keeps itself updated with the latest in the field. Its worth remembering that this quality is not derived by accident; it is the inevitable result of a series of planned procedures and activities that are applied at Ray Pharma.
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